1. They're Easy To Carry.

Milky's ultra thin design perfectly mimics the dimensions of a credit card so you can effortlessly carry the convenient tablets in your wallet or purse.

Say goodbye to bulky bottles and never worry about forgetting your lactase supplement again.

2. They're Way Stronger than Lactaid.

Despite their exceptionally thin size, Milky's tablets boast a powerful 10,800 FCC units of lactase enzyme.

That's 3.6 times stronger than a Lactaid Original caplet.

3. You Won't Need to Worry About Refilling.

We're forgetful too.

That's why each Milky card comes with 24 tablets, providing an ample supply to accompany you through countless ice cream scoops and creamy treats, letting you indulge without any refill worries.

4. You Won't Be Embarrassed By It.

No more fumbling with a bulky, white sheet trying to quietly tear a pill off or hearing that pill bottle rattle around in your purse.

With a stylish sleeve design and 4 different colorways, you can pick the perfect Milky card to embrace your lactose freedom in style!

5. They don't have synthetic sweeteners.

Unlike other lactase enzyme supplements (like Lactaid Fast Act Chewable) that may contain FODMAP sweeteners like Mannitol, Milky sets a new standard.

Our tablets are thoughtfully created without these additives, delivering effective relief from lactose intolerance without the risk of unpleasant side effects.